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  • Why Buy A Truck Bed Liner?
    Why buy a truck bed liner?
  • Denver Bed Liner Face Off!
    As you know bed liners are a very important aftermarket accessory,

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The New And Improved Bed Liner!

Let’s just say that you purchased a brand new truck, spending tens of thousands of dollars on it. Could you imagine taking it to a shop and allowing somebody to take a grinder to the trucks finish.  That would be CRAZY! Nobody in their right mind would allow that to happen, right? Actually you might be surprised, this is exactly what happens when you decide to have a “Spray On” bed liner installed in your “New” truck.  If the consumer really understood the devastation that occurs in order for the chemical compound to stick, I don’t think they would tolerate it.

What if I told you that you could either put your truck through that destructive process or you could put in a bed liner that will not harm your truck in any way? It would act like a time capsule for the box of your truck and offer significantly more dent and scratch protection. You would also be able to take this bed liner out at any time, with out any signs at all of wear and tear.  That would be a no brainer, and now thanks to Dual Liner, you do have that option. This new and improved bed liner is called the Dual Liner Bed Liner System.   It utilizes a unique Zero Skid floor mat that is designed with  hundreds of rubber cleats to keep the mat from laying directly on the trucks finish and allowing water to escape, out of the factory designed drainage holes. Combined with the proven tough polyethelene exact fit panels, the Dual Liner is like no other truck bed liner in the industry.

The Dual Liner is made from very large and very expensive molds to ensure a precise fit. Dual Liner justifies this exuberant expense of these precision molds  by being the only bed liner on the market that follows the identical contour of the trucks box. This not only eliminates any potential for chaffing caused by a loose fitting bed liner, but provides the most scratch and dent protection because of properties of  layering .  This give you a custom fitting bed liner that is truly “custom.” Each Custom Bed Liner panel fits tight against the sheet metal, this prevents chaffing. The side panels are made of “custom” thermo-formed polypropylene, these panels have a texture on them similar to that of a dash board or interior fixture giving it a nicely finished off, sleek look. It would be significantly less expensive to make a universal type of bed liners, Dual Liner sets itself apart by being the only manufacturer able to offer a bed liner that truly preserves the condition of trucks box.

The New And Improved Bed Liner By Dual Liner

Are you sick and tired of your cargo sliding into the tail gate and then crashing into the load guard up against the cab?If you are then you see why Dual Liner goes with a “Zero Skid” mat, this mat will hold pretty much any cargo, big or small, right in place. On Dual Liners web site it kind of fun to read the stories of people that had a toneau cover on so they could not see that the tailgate either had fallen down/or forgot to close it, before they hit the road. The Dual Liner has saved coolers, tools,cakes, grills, lawn chairs, and pretty much anything else you could put into your trucks box. The mat is really flexible rubber and can even absorb a blow from a sledge hammer.

It doesn’t  matter what you use your truck for, the Dual Liner is designed to protect your truck and cargo.The Dual Liner will not alter your truck permanently, you can take it out easily if you want. The Dual Liner bed liner systems ship in a box, by standard carriers (UPS, FED EX), right to your door. The Dual Liner has a Lifetime Warranty, ensuring many years of trouble free use, for you, the next owner of the truck and or the next owner of the bed liner (No other warranty in the industry does that).  It is easy to install, usually taking less than 30 minutes.  There are many, many more reasons why truck owners have fallen in love with the Dual Liner bed liner. Dual Liner offers the best custom protection against dents, scratches in the paint, all while keeping your cargo safe and secure in your trucks bed. See if Dual Liner makes a “custom fit” bed liner for your type of truck today!

Does Proper Truck Maintenance Include A Bed Liner?

I have been around truck’s my whole life, and I know what it takes to keep your truck in excellent condition. I know that regular oil changes are very important, obviously. In my experience I would argue that a bed liner is almost as important. A replacement truck bed is awfully expensive, if it needs to be replaced. If it needs to be fixed, it could even cost more because of the intensive labor that goes into the repair process. The resale value is greatly effected by the overall condition and appearance.

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How To Make A Old Truck Bed Look New Again!

After a few years of abuse a truck bed can look pretty beat up.   Many people are looking for a way to make it look new again.  You could get your truck bed repainted by the factory but after a few years goes by you will be in the same boat again.  So let’s take a look at a few different options for your truck bed. One option is the Spray-In bed liner it is a nice way to make your truck bed look new again.  But a spray-on bed liner might not be a good idea if you have some truck bed damage from heavy cargo that has moved around.  Also a spray on truck bed liner can be a lot more costly then most of the other options ranging from $500 to $800 or more.  A second option is a drop in truck bed liner the drop in truck bed liner has been one of the main choices for many years when it comes to making your truck bed look new again and protecting your truck bed against damage.  The drop in truck bed liner also offers many other features over the the spray-on bed liner.   The common problem that arises from  spray-on bed liner,  is the lack of protection against dents and damage. Most drop in bed liners are made of hard plastic that fit over the bed and will allow you to load your truck and not have to worry about damaging the side walls. One bed liner on the market today called the Dualliner offers a step above the common drop in bedliner by doubling  there plastic sidewalls and offering more of a custom fit to each truck. In addition to that they a have a 3/8ths inch thick “Zero Skid rubber floor mat.  If you are looking to make your truck look like new again without spending thousands on a new truck, the Dual Liner is the bed liner for you.

“This Truck Looks Like Brand New With The Dual Liner Installed”